7 october Accountability


My first in real life problem solving :slight_smile:
My wife is going a preparation course for university studies.
She came with a homework to do including dies.
The task was to throw 10 dice 10 times = 100 throws.
Count all dice with number six.
So if one got 15 number six, next time one just throw 85.
And so on until the last die shows number six.

This was fun for the kids. For a while.
I saw a challenge in this task.
Got it working after some hours.
Yesterday I also could add some lines that put the output into a csv file.

A lot to do at work.
My children has changed school. Ended up very well :slight_smile:
Run out of motivation to finish exercise 52 in LPTHW.
I will do that later.

Do some developement on the code I finished yesterday.
Perhaps Panda for getting a diagram?

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Pandas and Matplotlib for sure!