A note for Exercise 46 - LP3THW

Hi there, I got stuck on this exercise for a while, as I was finding it hard to activate the virtual environment via the command in the book:


I am using PoweShell and believe the issue was the version of the virutalenv installed. I had installed the latest version (16.7.2), and the above command simply did not work.

To ensure you install the version in the book (15.1.0) make sure you use the following command in Powershell:

pip install virtualenv==15.1.0

instead of the original:

pip install virtualenv

As the original will install the latest version (16.7.2) and you’ll find it difficult to activate the virtual environment.

If Zed or anyone else has a better solution for me please do let me know.

The “> ..venvs\lpthw\Scripts\activate” command above for some reason leaves the first backslash out.

Oh great. So either I have to tell people to lock it at 15 or figure out how venv has change the most basic thing it does at version 16. Thanks for letting me know.

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