A question about the C program installment

Hello everyone,
I wonder how to install the C program at windows10.
I searched for the answer through the internet, I found I can use Visual Studio to write C script.
So is there any C’s grammar difference between the windows system and the Unix system?
Can I use follow lcthw to learn C by VS?
Thanks for the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Try installing this instead:

Or this:


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Thanks, Zed!
Finally, I installed the ubuntu successfully and installed the VIM text editor to write scripts instead of VS. Debug is more specific than the VS when I use Ubuntu to run the program.
I think the problem has been solved properly!
Thanks again.

Awesome, then you should grab this too:

This will let you run a GUI program inside the Ubuntu, but then have it show up in your Windows.