About learning algorithms

Hey Zed and other folks on the forum

I am learning Python at the moment, really want to improve my skills in algorithms. I have been doing exercises on LeetCode and have done more than 40 questions. Some questions are really tough, I spent a lot of time and finally worked them out. But after some time when I came back to those questions, I still found them kinda not friendly, I mean, it would still take me sometime to even just recall how I did them. I understand that algorithm questions could be quite tricky, but is there any way of improving the ability of solving algorithm questions in general.

PS. the only algorithm experience I have was learning machine learning algos such as bootstrapping, random forests etc. No previous experience in any other languages but Python and R. Is it because I lack the basics of algorithms that I found it hard that even revising the algorithm questions I have done?

I would really appreciate any helpful tips, suggestions!

Hey @fat_cat I had good experiences with spaced repetition learning. You can use Anki for that (my recomendation) or other apps like SuperMemo.

Here a little guide:
Input Field example
How to make an inputfield flashcard in Anki

Thanks! I will try it out.