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You can ask any Python questions you need help with, not just related to Learn Python The Hard Way.

The Simple Rules For Getting Help

You are free to ask for help on any programming topic, and to collaborate with anyone here. However, one thing you’ll need to learn is how to solve problems on your own before you ask for help. To that end, here are your requirements when asking for help in the forums:

  1. POST YOUR CODE. This is a safe place to make mistakes so it’s alright to have the most disgusting code on the planet. Showing your code helps other people help you quicker, so your code should be the very first thing you put in your posts.
  2. SAY WHAT YOU’VE TRIED. You can’t just hit a problem and then stop and run to the forums for help. In most programming settings people like that are annoying and don’t get help. You have to do some work yourself first to try to figure it out. Right after your code list all the things you’ve tried to solve.
  3. PRINT OUT VARIABLES. The very top thing you must try before you ask for help is printing out variables at key points in your code to find out what’s going on. You can’t figure out what is wrong with your code by just staring at it.
  4. GOOGLE SYNTAX ERRORS. If the error is a syntax error then you can’t print variables to solve it, but you must google for the error first. After that check all the lines above the line mentioned before you post your error.
  5. YOU MUST LIST WHAT YOU THINK ARE THE CAUSES. Your guesses can be nothing but “Green goblins are destroying my GPU.” But, you have to write out some list of what you think might be going on. They can be all wrong, but doing this will possibly help you figure it out.
  6. EMAIL YOURSELF A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PROBLEM. Believe it or not, this works like crazy to help you solve a problem. So many times people post a request for help, and then right away post, “Oh hey I figured it out.” Why not skip ahead and just write yourself a little description of the problem with the above steps completed and see if you get an idea. Trust me, this works.

Don’t take this list as a way to discourage you from asking for help. This is only a list of things you must do before you ask for help with your code so that you get better at solving these problems on your own.

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