Accountability 10 Feb, 2020

My status this week is: starting to get organised. When I look back over my updates, they make grand statements for that week, then do not delivery and eventually, focus on some other distraction. This week has been no different but I’m becoming a bit better organised now for some key task ahead.

DONE: Finally knocked up a site to replace the blog. It’s very djangogirls-flavoured for speed of creation. It’s barebones and I’m not getting distracted with it yet, other than to get markdown working. The plain text is useless for my goals.

Joined the JS Riot group. I’ll get back into LJSTHW when Zed kicks it off formally.

BLOCKERS: Martor (markdown) is taking longer to implement than I hoped. This is causing me some grief at the moment so I need a few hours on it uninterrupted. I might tap up @DidierCH for some help as I think he got it working quickly.

Work is busy. Half the Tech Team are leaving in 3 weeks, me included.

GOALS: Implement Markdown. Spike on embedded Jupyter Notebooks. Write some tests to confirm my understanding of a few things!

I am currently working on … my site, LMPTHW hacks.

I am struggling with understanding … Martor as its seems so simple. My lack of JS understanding probably isn’t helping.

I am finally understanding … why I hate FE work again :slight_smile:

I (will) have work to show at …


Hi @graham I haven’t implemented martor. So I don’t know where you stuck, but I will have a look at it too. Looks interesting. The Djangogirls tutorial was a good choice. I can also recommend “Django from beginners” from Will Vincent. It’s different because it’s all with class based views instead of function based views but it is easy to follow and has some cool things in it.

My status this week: still not quiet back on track with coding. We moved to a new home so I was very busy the last 3 weeks and internet still doesn’t work at home. Did some little coding for Python Morsels but no Django or something else.

Goals: get back in my coding routine. Pick up again Django development.


No worries @DidierCH did you manage to get another markdown editor running?

My status this week: My side gig came to an end (for now) so I’ve returned to translating some of the MorePy projects to JS.

DONE: I just finished the JS implementation of the queue data structure.

BLOCKERS: Focus. I get distracted by shiny things.

GOALS: Learn something new, maybe a framework or library. I recently played with Riotjs, and am now looking at Svelte. Or maybe learn a database, specifically a SQL database. (MYSQL, maybe?)

Try to network, use this momentum I have from the side gig to try and start a business (or something).

I am currently: Reading the source of learnjsthehardway

I can share my queue js project if anyone cares to see it, otherwise nothing to show.


My status this week: I got drawn into that book I asked about here the other day: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I thoroughly enjoy that kind of fundamental abstract thinking.

Incidentally, I seem to remember that Zed wrote at some point that the things he learned in programming have helped him with his painting. It’s the same for me with music. Practicing and rehearsing are processes as well and right now I feel like I’m obtaining a few valuable tools for analyzing and improving them.

Done: Many things that are not related to programming. I was traveling, had a few important experiences and conversations that helped me make up my mind about what to do next – I’ve just finished my studies, so I have a few big decisions to make.
I rewrote a few data structures in C from scratch (still fighting against the fact that polymorphism is plain impossible in C). I’ve been reading up on FSMs, trying my hand at writing a markdown parser in Python for my blog – fiddly but promising.

Blockers: None.

Goals: I’ll have time to read and study in the next week. I want to prioritize that over writing actual code.

I’m finally understanding that computers are the least interesting part of Computer Science.

Won’t say no to that. :wink:


Thanks @gpkesley. No, haven’t set up one till now. Sorry.

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