Accountability 16th December

My status this week is: getting organised after drifting

DONE: Grouped all my current TODO activities into projects. I recognise that I have too many books/projects on the go at once (currently 128 TODO items!). I’m going to work on no more that 2 at any given time.

BLOCKERS: I’ve got side-tracked messing about with IDE’s again. I’m binning them all and getting back just using Vim.

GOALS: Quick upskilling on a few tricks from Practical Vim (awesome book) and start LMPTHW again. I’m ready for it now. Need to tidy office, and make some employment decisions.

I am currently working on … getting organised again after a period of ‘dabbling’ with stuff.

I am struggling with understanding … a custom plugin on Intellij.

I am finally understanding … The power of Vim, (again)

I have work to show at … GitHub (plutoniumprophet) tidying up over Xmas break.

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My status this week is: Learning Elm and finish some things in Django

DONE: Started with a new approach to learning. Actually I switched from “learning” something to “teach me something”. To do that I accompany my journey to learn Elm with a little “How to guide”. That forces me to really understand the topic because I, at the same time as learning it, teach it to myself. I decided to do it in German (my native language) rather in English to resharpen my German writing skills.

BLOCKERS: Time spent to find a good static site generator for my how-to guide.

GOALS: Finish some more chapter in my Elm how-to and more work on my Django site.

I am currently working on … Learning Elm, implement a Bootstrap- carousel in Django

I am struggling with understanding …

I am finally understanding … The easiness and power of MkDocs

I have work to show at … Nothing publicly available

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That’s brilliant, Didier! Actually that’s how I learned to efficiently practice piano and conducting. Only one of my many teachers ever told me something like that… In music this works really well because we normally know how things work, but we’re not always good at physically doing it exactly that way. – I’d love to read your guide!

Anyway… my status this week: Much work to do, and much of will be rewarding. Don’t know how much time I can spend for coding. But it’s soooo much fun, so… it’ll be rather too much. :slight_smile:


GOALS: Finish LCTHW DArray algorithms, for real this time (that exercise is huge if you do all of it). Learn how IO works in Haskell so I can finally write real programs. Why do Haskell teachers always cover IO so late? It’s annoying…

I am currently working on: LCTHW, learning Haskell.

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Thank you @florian. As soon as I have something that I’m confident to show, I will drop you a link. Your example how you learned efficiently piano and conducting is awesome.

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