Accountability 18 Feb, 2020

My status this week is: get back on track with coding and learning after moving to a new home.

DONE: Exercise from
GOALS: Every morning coding or learning from 5.45 to 6:30

I am currently working on the book “Django for APIs” by William Vincent.


DONE: decided to leave my job at the end of contract in Feb. This means I have some time to dedicate to both programming and running during March, maybe April/May.

Also resolved the schoolboy error of uploading my secret_key to GitHub :flushed:. Adding an .env solution to this was more of a headache than I thought but helped me learn a lot more about Django’s wsgi and settings files.

Reading some more about API and Performance testing options in Python.

Investigated hosting Jupyter Notebook on my site and it’s a no-no as a massive security issue. I can create content and export though so it’s still useful solution if not as interactive as I hoped.

BLOCKERS: last few weeks at work. Total apathy is affecting my mental sharpness. I should probably use this time to code if I can. Training is ramping up for the 2 marathons and 50 miler due in the next 6 weeks.

GOAL: get Martor implemented to I can actually use my blog with code/images. Read up on MySQL implementation with Django. I got Postgres working fine locally but that’s a chargeable DB on python.anywhere where’s MySQL is bundled.

Continue to use a branching strategy on git so I don’t mangle master. It helps with hacking confidence to work on smaller, separate branches as I flick between ideas, and leave things incomplete :smiley:


@DidierCH Nice you guys moved, new house, new energy! DRF docs are really great. And there’s a course on Udemy on DRF and Vue:
@gpkesley This is great! More time for doing what you love! As for Git yes, feature branches are great.
Work on a branch, if you like it merge in master, nuke branch and so on.
DONE: I am in a spot where I need to show a more experienced backend engineer how Django works. I am doing my best to explain all the codebase in detail. I know how I would love to have things explained, so this helps.
He worked with Rails and everything in the codebase is new both in the backend and in the frontend.
He learns fast and already started to contribute. Having to explain someone how DRF works helps me consolidate what I know much better.
A few days till the Alpha pre-release and I need to brush a few more things in the frontend.
Everything goes at a faster pace and everything is more clear now.
BLOCKERS: Had a painful time making dockerized Nginx play nice with the Let’s Encrypt wildcard certs I needed to install. So I just nuked Docker containers entirely, made stuff work.
Maybe I’ll add them later at some point, now there’s no time for this.
I learned a lot about setting up Nginx and writing server blocks and I feel I could make those Docker containers work in production too at some point.
GOAL: Finish everything till Saturday.
New feeling: seeing someone enjoying the stuff you coded for them


Glad you are living the dream @io_io :hugs:

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Thank you, @gpkesley! Learning to sail new waters :rowing_woman:

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DONE: Not much, I’ve had a busy week with my normal job. Also I’ve been tutoring someone in HTML, CSS, & JS. I discovered in process of building my JS dictionary that my JS DoubleLinkedList is spectacularly broken.

BLOCKERS: Burn out, I’m just going to chill out for a few days and get back on the horse after a brief recharge.

GOALS: Fix my DoubleLinkedList so I can go back to figuring out the Dictionary.

Aside: Does anyone have some recommendations on books for building my own server (just for fun), or working with a server such as NGINX? or Both?

Aside 2.0: @zedshaw it would be cool if you could give us a behind the scenes look at how you built and also run your business. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would be interesting in seeing it.

Keep up the good work everyone!


Hi @io_io thanks for the recommendation. Added it on my wishlist. What you tell us about your work and how far you got in the last two years is amazing. You explain things and it sounds a senior is telling us about her work :muscle:

@gpkesley that is great. A hard decision, to drop the income stream. I greatly admire such bold moves :+1:

@zberwaldt sound’s nice. I think you are on the right track. You all go fast in the right direction! :clap:


Not even close, @DidierCH, but thanks! :smiley:

Hey, that sounds great, everybody! Keep up the great work, and keep moving!

My status this week: Trying to do too many things too seriously, need to stop and breathe. I’m enjoying the quick hacks in Learn More Python, they’re great exercises in loosening up, exactly what I need.


  • C: Some progress with my project of rewriting the basic stuff in the book from scratch without looking at Zed’s implementations. I’ve settled for a design where I pass a destroy callback to the functions that create the data structures – thus I can store data of arbitrary types and still manage the memory automatically. I’m learning a lot… most notably that high-level languages are a boon.
  • More Python: the first few spikes. Recording and then watching yourself hack something together is… well, highly instructive, to say the least.
  • Done some reading, SICP, Math. Learning to keep it slow and take the time to move things around in my mind, ‘touching and examining’ them, so to speak.

Blockers: Tiredness, and one big non-programming-related task that totally sucks.

Goals: Finding a good balance between discipline and looseness. It’s harder than I thought to establish a new rhythm, now that my studies are finished and I have a few weeks until the next big move.

For what it’s worth, in Learn C the Hard Way you create some sort of server at the end, I think. I haven’t gotten there yet though. Probably not what you’re looking for right now unless you know C already? I do recommend the book though, I’m learning a lot!


Cool, Learn C the Hard Way is on my list. However, I was more thinking of the actual Hardware component of a server.

@zberwaldt Funny one: Loong ago when I was obsessed with servers and didn’t know why, I thought servers are only huge clusters in mysterious rooms where dark suited hackers operate them :smiley:

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