Accountability 25 of december 2020

My status this week / year is:

Bought the christmas presents. Seriously. I have not finished anything. But I have realized I am stubborn as hell. Have still not give up coding even though I not have
a carrer as a developer in mind. And when I got into some kind of problem I cannot let it go. Even when it takes days, weeks to find a solution.

Children are nice but…
Dad, where is my…?
Dad, I don’t find…
Dad, she (sister) is evil… she did…
(the boring side)

Dad. Can you help me with my homework? Dad. We made a apple pie for you.
(not so boring :slight_smile: )

Beside coding I have start learning french.
I would like to read, listen and speak as good as english.

I am currently working on …

I am struggling with understanding …
French on the radio (they speak too fast for me at this moment)

I am finally understanding …
Classes. Not perfect but quite well

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