Accountability April 3, 2020

My status this week is: learning, learning, learning…

DONE: Learned Svelte. Loads of math.
BLOCKERS: Hardly any.
GOALS: Understand server-side web development, but keep dedicating time to the basics.

I am currently working on: server programming with Nodejs. Looking forward to the server project in LCTHW, because… you know, importing http and calling createServer doesn’t really feel like I’m doing the work. That’s just building the site logic on top of the real thing.

I am struggling with understanding how to link against the apr libraries for the devpkg project. This is so frustrating, I’ve done everything as described in the book but gcc fails to find them. Argh! :persevere:

I am finally understanding modular arithmetic.

I have work to show at… A friend asked me to set up a website for her. Other than that, nothing.

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Things never work out how you plan. You cannot control the universe!

DONE: Very little. I’ve gone back for a PyTest refresher and will share the cheat sheet I am making in case its of use to anyone else. I need to ensure my website has tests at frontend, API and unit levels.

BLOCKERS: Last two weeks I have been taking the primary role as teacher at home. It’s been rewarding spending so much time with my son, but also extremely tiring and when you throw some training runs… I’ve sat down to look at the laptop and felt the brain has switched off.

As expected, I’ve got distracted with Bootstrap. I wanted to amend my blog model so it covered filtering by topic and actually was like three blogs in one. Spent too long mucking about with styles.

I’ve no capacity to learn anything completely new at present so JS and Lisp can wait.

GOALS: Next week my wife is off work and sharing the childcare so I plan to:

  • Finish PyTest refresher
  • Write some meaningful tests
  • Get cracking on Udemy course I started ages ago.
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