Accountability April 6, 2020

My status this week is:

DONE: Tampered around with djangocms-blog and customized it for my needs. I’m going to set up a blog about Django in German to fullfill my new mantra, that is:

Learn something new
Build something based on what I learned
Write about it

BLOCKERS: It’s more work to customize the blogging software to my desire as I thought.
GOALS: Publish first article on Sunday


My status this week: I’ve been working hard and now I’m once again losing momentum.

Done: Again, lots of math. Number theory turned out to be quite exciting.
Other than that, a bit of C, but mostly JavaScript. I’m kind of pushing myself through a Nodejs/backend course. I don’t really like it, but maybe that’s just because it’s a huge amount of unfamiliar stuff.

Goals: Finish that course, build a few simple web apps, just to gain experience. Finally maybe get my blog really online, perhaps. (I have the basic app, still fiddling with CSS etc. – and pondering whether I want it, to be honest) Continue focusing on math because that’s been very rewarding.

EDIT: Scratched some inappropriate remarks on JavaScript. (Note for my future self: Just shut up and do your work.)

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