Accountability December 30 2019

My status this week is: I’ve got much work to do and I couldn’t really have a rest over the holidays. I need to focus on work for the next two weeks.


  • LCTHW DArray radixsort, mergesort, quicksort (almost).
  • The first 15 or so exercises in LJSTHW. (I’m looking forward to doing real projects in the second part.)
  • Some progress with Haskell, too.


GOALS: DArray heapsort.



Finally back from my long trip and able to work.

Any requests?


My status this week is: I’m back at trying to redesign my personal site. You can see a current screen shot below. It’s very much a work in progress.

BLOCKERS: Over-complication of things that should remain straight-forward.

GOALS: Finish my redesign, Build my redesign so I can move onto a real project (I have a couple in mind, I’ll post them elsewhere on the forum).

REQUESTS: Exploration of design patterns, which are more relevant today in your opinion. Why? Should I learn to write software requirements specification? (I’ve been watching the Youtubes)

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Status: making progress with the API. Focusing on the frontend now.
Thank you guys for another year of friendship!
Happy New Year LCTHW-ers!

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Done: Some good downtime from work, a bit more deep diving on Vim, completed first Ultra-Marathon.

Goals: LMPTHW from scratch starting tmw, with aim to complete in Q1.

Happy New Year all. :metal:


Hello Fam :slight_smile: A Happy and Prosperous to you all. I know I have been MIA for a while, but its been rather interesting, bitter sweet, a lot of growth though.
As shared sometimes ago with Zed, I took on a big task at work, as I agreed to take on a project at my day job, in which I am currently building a number modules, which do not align nor help drive the businesses, business processes, with regards an off the shelf application currently being used, hence been tasked to build a solution, in Angular 8 (Front End), RESTful API built leveraging NodeJS, Express, and Microsoft SQL Server (Choice to stick with what is being used by the off shelf application).

This is has been rather interesting, taking me out of my comfort zone of using Python, Oracle DB PL/SQL or Postgres, but rather having to learn a new Front End Framework like Angular 8 which is a beast and totally different from what I have been used to i.e. Server Side Web development. The learning curve per Angular 8 is rather steep, coupled with the fact that, the project is an Agile one, 2 weeks sprints, so I was burning the midnight oil to deliver solutions whew!!!.

GOALS: My goal has always been to polish my craft, by coding daily, which I have been able to achieve due to the project above, although its been in TypeScript and not my love Python :slight_smile: I am also learning to be language agnostic. My goal at the moment, is to return to mastering the basics, Data Structures and Algorithms. At this juncture its rather critical that I do find the time and master this, as my next job depends on it, as I have been impacted by a restructuring exercise at my job (Last day is end of February 2020), that i have been with for circa 10 years, my job is being replaced by an offshore resource, whom I am currently helping bring up to speed with SPA(Single Page Application) development via Angular 8 and NodeJS + Express.

BLOCKERS: Family life, I just have to get disciplined with time, as i need to get ready for a bunch of technical interviews, which will entail coding tests etc.


Happy 2020 too, @nubianmonk!
I also work on a SPA (Vue fronted, Django Rest Framework, Postgres backend)
Everything is wrapped in Docker, so I learned that too (love it!)
I’ve done a few tiny things in Express and Vue or React.
Being langauge agnostic is the wisest thing.
Really learned a lot from all the experience and I think it would be good to write it down on my blog, but don’t have the time right now.
Haven’t visited Angular in a while but when I attempted to learn it I was a beginner in JS and things didn’t make much sense.
However I liked the concepts, that Coursera learning path was good stuff.
What I do right now is freelancing to gain more experience. I am sure you will be fine!

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Sounds like you’ve had a very interesting time, @nubianmonk. And having to train your successors for your own job that you know you’re going to loose… that’s rough! Good luck with finding a new job!

Hey io_io, I am so happy to hear that you’ve also been going through massive growth that’s fantastic. Yeap, I have also been thinking of writing up my experience per the project i am working on as I was also tasked with making the application a cloud native application, as my company recently decided to join the rest of the world lol, per moving to the cloud, hence our initial choice was to go with Microsoft by the way of “Microsoft Azure” and most recently Google by the way of “Google Cloud Platform”. So having to setup Application instances in the cloud for the Front End(Angular 8), the API (NodeJS + ExpressJS) and the backend DB and finally handling authentication by leveraging the Azure Active Directory + Microsoft Identity Platform which uses oauth 2.0, "ID Tokens, Access Tokens and Bearer Tokens, used to secure my API endpoint, was rather interesting lol. Documentation is rather poor coming from Microsoft if your stack is not .Net centric, so I will sure save a lot of people pulling their hair, when i find time to put these all down :slight_smile:

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Hi Florian,

Yes I have indeed had a very interesting time, its really boosted my confidence and have learnt loads. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

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Concrats to your first ultra! :running_man::+1:

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@nubianmonk and @io_io that’s amazing what you two have accomplished!

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cool stuff @zberwaldt! I’m also like it to have some wireframes before I start coding. It let me concentrate on one kind of work at the time and don’t have to think about design when I’m coding and vice versa.

Thank you, @DidierCH, I am not yet fully aware of it, it’s like I am in a movie scenario and don’t know how I landed there.
This is why I need to say it out loud, to get used to the idea.
Lots of things to discover, lots of bugs, trials and errors. When you solve each of them , even if it’s taking long, feels great!
What feels the best is understanding what you previously didn’t.
You didn’t know because you didn’t take the time to break it in pieces and try to understand it.
For example, I wrote a migration by hand because I used a package from someone and they didn’t include migrations.
When I did my migrations from within the docker container, that specific one didn’t build, even if I used its module’s name. So I needed to go inside that container shell, install vim and decided to write it by hand to see what it’s done from.
It was only 26 lines, but it gave me an idea.
So I don’t feel like it’s “amazing”, I think everybody can do it if they want.


No, I think it’s amazing!

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Compromise? It’s not amazing in so far as it’s not magic and theoretically (almost) everybody could do it. But it’s an amazing achievement indeed in so far as it requires a great deal of curiosity and perseverance to get to the point where you can do it for real.

Congratulations, @io_io and @nubianmonk!


Thank you @DidierCH and @florian!

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