Accountability December 5

My status this week is: Starting a new factory job, I’ll be working with salad dressing. I have stopped going to statistics class, but plan on finishing the ‘intro to computers’ class out of spite. pretty sure I could stop now and still pass with a B grade. I started working on the Chingu voyage 15 prework, I don’t have to complete a prework, because I already did in voyage 11, but it’s another project to stack into my portfolio, and a good learning experience.
I’ll start voyage 15 early January. Excited to work in a team again.

DONE: Basic Probability of X portion of Stats Class
BLOCKERS: Hope that this is all worth it gets hard to maintain some days
GOALS: Break in to tech and light a beacon for all the other peeps who are self-taught parents working their way through the chaos.

I am currently working on … Favorite fonts prework for Voyage 15, a bit of Stats Class when I can.
I am struggling with understanding … API(s). These json objects and the whole magical send me something, I send you something is still a bit foggy to me.

I am finally understanding … Every time I start feeling like I can’t figure something out, I just keep trying and find a way.

I have work to show at … Check out the very basic probability. The link isn’t showcased on the site at all {still needs a lot of polishing}, so if you navigate away the site doesn’t have it listed anywhere yet. I’ll be using python for the more complicated math bits, but javascript handled simple division just fine… kinda… lol


Your perseverance is amazing, @nellietobey. Keep going!

I thought I’d join the accountability round, too.

My status this week

I have an important concert on Sunday with exhausting rehearsals and much travelling until then. I’m coding for fun and relaxation, but I can’t spare much energy right now. Helping here with Python questions is fun – and helps me see that I have learned a few things already, which is great for motivation. :smiley:


This week? Nothing significant, to be honest.


Tiredness. And I got myself stuck last week with an overly ambitious linked list in LCTHW. Need to understand the last segfault so I can finally move on to dynamic arrays. In other words: perfectionism. :confused:


Short-term: LCTHW dynamic array
Mid-term: Finish LCTWH, then move on. There’s a potential job next year for which I’d need to be able to at least read C++.
Long term: Get a solid foundation in math (which I always loved, but had to neglect during my studies – musicians don’t usually think that much…). Get serious with Haskell. I already love it, now I just need to practice.

I am currently working on…

Some Python pet projects just for fun. Earnestly: LCTHW, once I have the space to think again.

I am struggling with understanding…

Right now? Nothing, really. Sorry, this isn’t meant to be smug or anything.

I am finally understanding…

… that each new Python venv needs its own pytest, otherwise it will silently fall back to the “global” one that doesn’t find the installed packages. I might be understanding this for the third time…

I have work to show at…



My status this week:

DONE: A THREE MONTH TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, NOT BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED TO BUT ALMOST BY ACCIDENT. I manage to record 29 painting videos and paint in every city I went to. That has nothing to do with programming but I’m done so it’s done.
BLOCKERS: Unpacking and getting cleaned up so I can get back to work where there’s real internet.
GOALS: Continue to finish off pent up work from the trip and get back into my groove.


I found this forum through Google on total accident, but I think Zed’s book was recommended to us in bootcamp as a potential resource.

Anyway, I really am enjoying the community thus far, and I hope to become a consistent contributor.

DONE: After much fussing with my dev environ, I’ve finally found some way to get back into the groove of writing commit messages (without pushing to the wrong branch at that). So now I’m working on creating the face of my clock game object.

BLOCKERS: I went through the trouble of taking a screenshot of my progress and annotating the editor, which means my project has many, many additional files.

GOALS: I want to get through this tutorial, no matter how long it takes, or how slow my progress is.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You can find my Unity work here. For folks unfamiliar with both Unity, C#, and Git, I recommend going into the Images directory first, since screenshots make more sense than .config files and Unity’s unique .meta files.

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