[Accountability] Febuary 1, 2019


Got a piece of my pseudocode running as expected with the help of pandas.
First chance I got to really dig in this week. Was busy with an art project this week.
Would love to make my whispering wall trainable to respond with different sets of scripts depending on preferences of user.
Not sure if it’s overambitious, but I’ll learn on the way.
TO-DO: finish fixing all the missing assignments in the LPTHW repo for gitlab,
add a repo for Learn©THW and LJSTHW and LMPTHW
Get applied to more jobs.
Keep learning.
BLOCKERS: lack of determination, exhaustion, and my coffee ration for a pot has been cut down to 2 scoops since my son and Dad don’t want my 3-4 scoop coffee.


A new month! Here’s my accountability for tomorrow:

TODO: I’m slowly figuring out the whole VueJS/Socket.IO/Express style of application with a mind to completely rewrite my site using it.
ACTIONS: I got the first piece up at https://chat.learncodethehardway.com/ but it still needs work.
BLOCKERS: Mostly having to learn a mountain of new things makes this all slow.


DONE: Vue single file components + simple global store + atomic design + Pug + TailwindCSS shock therapy
Finished the assignment and it works.
TODO: refactor it and add a new component.
BLOCKERS: Zen-monk style documentation (Q: how can sibling components communicate? A: Easy. $emit custom events to parents and props from parent to kids. After trying to send an input value from kid to parent then from parent to another kid, you’ll get an error in the console that tells you: “You proud human! Vanity is a sin. You know you better use a global store to do this.”
By the time you finally get to display the value entered in an input in a multiple single file components app, you become a wise old Zen monk.


DONE: Saturday Seminar. Limited coding other than Koans.
TODO: More Koans on train. MorePy at home twice a week.
BLOCKERS: Working away in south of Italy. They are trying to kill me with food. I have little time to code this week.
GOAL: Just keep my hand in this week until I get back to normal.


You could use a few more kilos :smiley:


Trust me I don’t @io_io but these guys are animals!


It’s ok, have fun and enjoy your stay there!
You’ll run a lot when you’re back anyway. Enjoying your meals is a simple joy of life :smiley: