Accountability January 6 2020

My status this week is: Showdown for my studies: I’m going to conduct an opera next Sunday, this is the last and biggest exam. Not so much time for programming… but I’m going to try and keep coding for half an hour or so a day. It’s a good way to relax.

DONE: LCTHW DArray algorithms. Heapsort was fun!
Switched to another Haskell book (Real World Haskell) that has code examples that are actually useful right from the beginning. The other one (Learn You a Haskell for Great Good) kept playing around in ghci (the interactive interpreter) for ages. It felt a bit like a children’s book, it even had nice little drawings… and the biggest shortcoming: no exercises.

BLOCKERS: As said… I’m kind of busy. :slight_smile:

GOALS: LCTHW: read through the bstrlib files. Begin reading up on hashmaps and hashing in general.


Good luck with the opera @florian - sounds epic (no pun intended!)

Done: Part 2 of importing data into Python (Pandas web-scrapping and APIs). First Trail Ultramarathon completed (50km 5h:41m - happy with that given the hills/mud).

Blockers: Back to work after break. Head isn’t up to speed yet.

Goals: LMPTHW complete in Q1.

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Thanks very much, @gpkesley!

Done: I feel like a mechanic who get’s slowly to grips which his machine. Solved a hairy problem in Django while combining a search form with sessions. Learned a lot about inheritance, mixings, HTTP and sessions.

Blockers: Moving to another flat end of january.

Goals: More work on my real estate app.

@florian good luck with your opera exam!

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Thank you, @DidierCH! Going well so far.

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