Accountability July 16 2020

You know what, accountability is a useful concept. I decided to collate my solutions to the exercises in SICP publicly on GitHub. I wrote in the readme that I was planning to upload one exercise a day. Et voilà: Chances are, nobody has read that, but I finished the rest of the first chapter within a week, making more headway than in 2 months before that.

DONE: SICP chapter one. Yeah!

BLOCKERS: Uncertainty. Then again, coding is sort of a safe place for me so it’s not that much affected.

GOALS: I made a proof of concept of a little shell editor in C, basically 0.01% of vim. Tie up loose ends, make the repository public.


By chance I spotted this today. I must admit that this forum seems dead really. Shame as there was growing community that’s seems to have totally dwindled. Shame.

I’m glad you’re posting your solutions for SICP @florian as I’ll compare to mine when I get there.

For me:

DONE: Refactored my silly tax script. Writing tests then it’s done.
Completed an online course for Software Testing in Python. Very useful.
Binned a load of Django FE development that took my site the wrong way. Have worked out what I want with it now and implementing is my next task. Started another book/course to help embed some problem solving concepts. Really like it so far even though it’s nothing new, but it’s helping me consider how to write a solution which is where my lack of maths experiences shows.

Ran 90km but failed to hit 100km target. Was an informative experience.
Been teaching my son at home for last 4 months as I’ve had no job.
Got a job.

Remodel website for ultra running events in 2021.
Continue book on Problem Solving with Algorithms.

Brain went to jelly for a while on March and April. Slowing getting into a rhythm again but off the pace. I want to learn other languages but Python is still helping me understand concepts well so why change at the mo?

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I think it’s at least partly because of the pandemic. The relative lack of external stimuli makes it hard to keep up individual learning, even though you’d think we’d all have more time now. I made a lot of headway for a month or so and then it became harder and harder to push forward until…

… exactly that. Maybe we can get this little accountability round going again. That might help a bit.

It’s great to hear that you’ve got a new job!

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