Accountability March 16 2020

I find that studying is a good way to keep my mind off the frightening things that are happening around us. Pretty much everything I do in my job as a musician is being cancelled so I’ve got plenty of time. I intend to concentrate on LCTHW, SICP and Svelte during the next weeks. — Not to belittle deaths and fear, but something good may come out of this for me after all.

DONE: LCTHW Hashmap and String algorithms. Continued progress with SICP and Math. I’ve scoured YouTube for Svelte/Sapper tutorials, found a few good ones.

I’ve also discarded my virtual Linux machine, it worked nicely, but having to fire it up each time was just too unwieldy. Now I use only WSL/Bash (and sometimes PowerShell) on Windows and it works great. Figuring out how to synchronize my Neovim settings between WSL and Windows took some time, but now I have a good setup. I’ll chalk this up as removing a great deal of friction from my starting process.


DONE: little coding since finishing work, which is slightly odd as I should have had more time. Instead, I’ve found another job (offer pending), done some recce’s for a few trail races that have now been postponed/cancelled, came 36/256 in a trail marathon (in biblical mud and weather) and I’m in the middle of a direct access motorcycle course which is fantastic fun! Oh, and I drove 500 miles in one day to look at a campervan that I’ve kinda bought, so on reflection, probably not a surprise I’ve not done much.

I have bootstrapped the arse off my blog though so it looks nice and the markdown works in app rather than just in admin. It’s becoming a distraction of small issues, as expected so it’s parked.

TODO: pass my bike test and by a bike for the new commute, get back to Quick Hacks and MorePy, SICP and various ‘nearly finished’ Udemy course.


Wise thing to do @florian!
@gpkesley Congrats for the race. Cool news!
DONE: auth flow in the frontend, improved CSS of the whole thing.
TO DO: implement a few more API’s so people can use data they host elsewhere too.
BLOCKERS: not many, life didn’t change much in our small village.
Stay safe everyone!

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