Accountability May 30, 202

My status this week is:

Recreated my first Chingu voyage project. But still need to add the ‘make your own’ which was my partners primary piece in the voyage. Redesigned and fixed up my website a few times, Wrote my first ‘hello world’ bash script.
The world has gone topsy turvey.
Find that one place I can apply to and get a shot at showing them what I can do.

I am currently working on …
As a facilitator for Chingu, I’m currently on a team building a project for new members to build as their ‘solo submission’ to be accepted into a voyage.

I am struggling with understanding …
Where I fit. Do I stick to python, because I enjoy it, or proceed with web development because I enjoy that, and it might be easier for a non-college grad to fit in.

I am finally understanding …
Experimenting with code is my strong point. This is how and where I learn the best.

I have work to show at …
Here’s code quiz plus, I’d love some feedback.


That’s a cool quiz. I had fun solving it. How did you code it? With Flask or Django, or something different?


The website is built with Django, but the quiz mechanics are all vanilla JavaScript.

And thank you.


It was indeed a nice quiz.

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