Accountability November 18th, 2019

My status this week is:

DONE: Recover from traffic accident… learned a lot about Python inheritance and mixins.
BLOCKERS: Recover from accident
GOALS: Finish an MVP of my real-estate site.

I am currently working on … a real-estate website with Django.

I am struggling with understanding … How to combine a CBV ListView with a FormView.

I am finally understanding … How mixins work

I have work to show at … nothing to show for now.

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My status this week is:

DONE: Got started, am doing my research
BLOCKERS: Discipline, Paralysis by Analysis.
GOALS: Still to get some pen and paper mock ups … I’m setting a hard deadline for Friday night.

I am currently working on… Research, reviewing my old site.
I have work to show at … Nothing to show, as well.

I know, I know, should not do that … but I have to publicly applaud myself: after weeks! of research I finally found out how to combine a Django Class Based FormView with a ListView (used FormMixin for that). That means I was able to combine a search field within a list to filter out items with certain properties. And because the search form is inside its own template I can reuse it now to my liking wherever I want! It was a long ride but I learned a ton about Django and especially about Python (inheritance and mixins) and I’m happy that I persisted.

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