Accountability November 30

My status this week is:
Got a different factory job, the current grocery 3rd shift is making everyone at home miserable, or maybe just because mama is not getting enough sleep it seems that way.
Either way, time to change things up and find a different way.
I am working on a local version of a website project I plan on adding to my personal site.
The maths and deciding how extensive to go into the possibilities is a bit overwhelming.

DONE: Landing page for Stats Class, Working version of a sample set in javascript/html/css page that will return P(x) on a 4 option sample set.
BLOCKERS: Sample sets can get enormous… So do I work on a way for a user to add as many as they want to the samples, or move on to the more complicated math ahead of me?
It’s hard to commit to decisions on it.
By 2020, get three of the probability maths pages up and running in the Django site.

I am currently working on … procrastinating

I am struggling with understanding … How to let the user add more fields to a form. Or throw the form out and just create new list items on user request and assign names/ids with a bit of python.

I am finally understanding … I’m not so bad at this

I have work to show at … Nothing new yet.

Happy holidays everyone!!

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@nellietobey my greatest admire on how you manage jobs (not only one job) and family and don’t give up on programming. That’s all but ordinary! :100: :woman_superhero:

DONE: Custom form handling in Django + 1 year of Django hacking!
BLOCKERS: Hard to focus on one project.

Beside Django I started to learn Elm. I’m long fascinated with functional programming languages and thought about to learn Haskell but since I learned about Elm, I’m fascinated. Elm will be my starting point into functional programming. I’m drawn to the idea to build HTML/JS interfaces with a clean and focused language. In the future I plan to use Python/Django as my backend language/framework and Elm as my frontend stack.

I am currently working on … integrate Bootstrap tables into cards.

I am currently learning … Elm

I am finally understanding … Form handling in Django

I have work to show at … Nothing to show for now

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