Accountability November 7, 2020

My status this week is: Just enjoying myself and code. It’s cool and encouraging to see some of the vets of the forum are all still plugging away and continuing to develop.

DONE: Started building a art portfolio site for a family member. An uncle of mine tutors people for python, sometime he’ll ask me to audit his code when he gets stuck. It’s a nice way to remind myself that I’ve been improving and I actually know things. (Damn you, imposter syndrome!!)

BLOCKERS: I would argue the only major blocker I have is self constraint. Sometimes I’ll have a project I want to work on and I see all the ways I can approach it and then not pick one. Almost like paralysis by analysis. But it’s only sometimes, journaling is a great tool to get around this.

GOALS: Daily progress on a project, which I’m techincally already doing. Just hunting for more consistency.

I am currently working on … Implementing a hexdump clone in JS, I am very excited for the new course Zed is working on.

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