Accountability November 8 2019

My status this week is: Failing Statistics along with half my classmates at the community college, but getting some great python code written because of it. I’ve been struggling with adding a slackbot to my Django site to impress a candidate for future employment, but I can’t seem to make it work. I’ll keep trying until the day we talk again, but it’s just not working. Ready to move on to any job that isn’t 3rd shift.

DONE: Another Stat’s Class code, landing page for what will be a Stats helper website for students, or anyone interested in finding some statistics
BLOCKERS: Exhaustion
GOALS: Land that job, make a good impression either way, write up some pages for the different statistics formulas I have worked out in my StatsClass repo.

I am currently working on … Stats Class as part of my personal Django website, building a Django Slackbot

I am struggling with understanding … Slackbots and the interaction with the interwebs

I am finally understanding … Not every solution on the internet is kept up to date. Many of the examples and tutorials are outdated just because slack has changed things recently

I have work to show at … It’s just the landing page, but this is the plan for Stats Class:


My status this week is: motivated to make some life changes. My current client is not working hard enough to retain me, so I’m taking a break over Dec - Feb. I plan to use this time productively to get really deep into my learning of data science and Anaconda suite, JavaScript and More Python before going back out on the market.

I’m also going to finally build a website/resume/blog depending on where @zedshaw gets to with his JS writing on the new stack (otherwise it will be Python/Flask). I really like Zed’s .art site with outputs from all his interests, separated by tabs.

DONE: Refactored blog into components so I can use the authoration and error handling in other flask projects via blueprints. Lots of git branching, merges and conflict resolutions to pracice as a result. But it’s done and works.
BLOCKERS: None really.
GOALS: Map out the next few months into a high-level delivery plan. It needs to be loose but I want to be productive and achieve deliverables so it’ll be timeboxed. I want to ensure I work 40-50 hours a week too so i don’t slip into lazy habit.

I am currently working on … Microblog global search - assuming I can get elasticsearch to load. (bounced around brew install failures before realising xcode clt was required!)

I am struggling with understanding … How Apple can screw up Catalina so badly.

I am finally understanding … MVC models a bit better.

I have work to show at … github only at present.


This week I’m working on implementing functionality to ex24 of Learn javascript the hard way. It’s going well so far. The first couple days were brutal, I’ve never done any OOP before, This is the most code I’ve ever written without following some tutorial to learn, so It’s exciting for me feel able to read code and then write it without watching a video.

Hopefully I’ll be done with ex24 in a couple days, and then moved to the next one. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects in the javascript book, I’m definitely interested in the front end framework he’s going to use. I hate bootstrap so that is going to be fun.

for goals: my overarching goal is to eventually get a job as a developer, smaller one: write code in small chunks and run it. Write a little, run it. Must make that a habit. So used to doing follow along video tutorials that write large chunks before running anything.

No work I want to show yet. I have a really old web page I made for a personal site, but it needs a rewrite and I’m going to ditch bootstrap. My main focus is learning javascript before all else.
My system: code every single day, day in day out.

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This week I’m trying to restart my code learning journey (it’s been a few months since I last coded). This time around I’m trying to stay focused on what my primary interest is and has been: Web Development & Design (for freelancing on the side) Starting with building my personal website proper. Here is my current site that I gave up on.

I am also interested into other ways I can leverage coding to create additional business/income streams. But first things first.

Done: Reading about design, exploring the internet for inspiration.
Blockers: being undisciplined, Undue personal pressure (as Zed stated in his book, coding is an art, art should be enjoyed IMO)
Goals: Have a couple sketches/ mock ups (max of three).

I want to keep things simple for now. Just plain HTML, JS, & CSS. I like the idea of the JAMstack (Javascript, APIs, & Markup) so I will explore that over the coming weeks. It pairs well with serverless functions so I’ll also explore aws, azure, or maybe digitalocean.

After I get my site up, I’ll switch focus on building a few really solid samples of sites.

Keep up the good work, everybody!

EDIT: I lied… I have coded recently, I coded a document “compiler” in powershell for my new job. Your Honor, I’d like that stricken from the record. The defense rests.