cd to the apple directory with one command
cd back to temp with one command, but not further above that
Find out how to cd to your ”home directory” with one command
cd to your Documents directory, then find it with your GUI file browser (Finder, Windows Explorer,
cd to your Downloads directory, then find it with your file browser.
Find another directory with your file browser, then cd to it.

could anyone explain in a linear way, step by step, each question? It would be very helpful, and I’m a beginner in programming. Any site to help understand better each command, and with a guide using it, would be very welcome and helpful.
Thank you.

Hi, did you read the entire appendix? These questions should be easy if you did.

hello, thanks for asking. i haven’t read the entire appendix, i’ve read chapter by chapter.

do you know which chapter would help me answer the questions I asked above?

Hello @Gang

The appendix should be at the end of the book.
You can also have a look at this link
Youtube is also packed with tutorials.

I answered you quickly on email but it seems you may need to watch the video for the exercises, then I would like you to attempt giving me what you think these should be. That is usually easier than me giving you all the answers since I can see where you might be off in understanding it.

Hello Zed, i’ve been struggling bit, because im not a native english speaker, so i do not know some terms in programming in english. But, I succeeded in working my way around and understanding the content.

Great. You’ll have to get used to the English because programming has a very long English and American history so it’s everywhere.