Appendix A: Command Line Crash Course

Here is my small problem:

When creating the directories, I deviated slightly from the instructions, and created a file called “Learn Python the Hard Way” after the “Temp” file. Into which all the grapes pears etc… went into.

When I go back home and try and get into one of the deeper directories ie. ones beyond “Learn Python the Hard Way” it works. So:
cd Temp/“Learn Python the Hard Way”/Stuff/ etc… Works!

When I am currently in “Temp” and then try and use the string to go further it does not seem to work, I keep getting an error that I do not quite understand. Here is the string I use from Temp:

C:\Users\Satellite\Temp> ls
Directory: C:\Users\Satellite\temp

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name

d----- 07/10/2017 20:21 Learn Python The Hard Way

[String Used to go Deeper]
cd “Learn Python The Hard Way”/Stuff …And it returns an error.

What could I be doing wrong?

Remember that the quotes have to be around the entire path:

“Learn python the hard way/temp/stuff/this”

That’s correct. This won’t work though:

“Learn python the hardway”/temp/stuff/this/

Hey so i wanted to learn the python programing laguage and i found your book called Learn Python the Hard Way,and so i started reading it and i found out that you needed to know how to use Windows PowerShell and there was a name of your book where you explained how to use it but i copy and pasted the name of the book in google i found it but when i clicked the link of the website is would just dissapear so if you have any solution on what i should do please message me.Here is the link:

At the end of the book there’s Appendix A which teaches you how to use the command line.

Thanks but what exact page?

You’re on oreilly so I don’t have an account. Look for Appendix A there.

Or, you can read this: