Audio Quality Issues: Ex0-12

I’ve had a couple reports of some garbled audio on the first batch of videos. If you experience that, can you please let me know:

  1. The time where it happens.
  2. What OS and player you were using? Windows 10 and VLC? Etc.


Listening to them all today, will get back soon, after testing.
L.E: the sound is fine , heard them all. Nothing is garbled. Starting to wonder if whoever reported the garbled sound thought that the intro effect you’re making was not how it should?
I am on Pop OS, using VLC.

Audio dropout throughout the video, glitchy title screen/intro music:

  • ex0_linux, ex01_windows

Seems ok except for glitchy intro/title (is that on purpose?):

  • ex02, ex03, ex04, ex05, ex06, ex07, ex08, ex09, ex10, ex11

I am using Chrome OS 70, beta channel, default media player.

I’m actually just re-recording the whole video set now.