Azure Data Studio and Python

Anybody started playing with Python and Azure Data Studio? Tis free to use, i have downloaded but not hooked up to python yet.

Also has jupyter notebooks. Another new tech for me!


I haven’t played with the Azure platform much but what do you like about it? Can you do a more extensive review?

Happy to have a crack at it. Will do it next week. Never done one before. Can you suggest an outline I can follow? Key aspects to cover off?

The angle I would take is the quest for the most functional rich, user friendly attractive free txt editor for those getting started in python. How does it compare with others I have used?


I’d say go through just a pros vs. cons about what it was like to use it, and maybe pick a little task to attempt to complete.

Haven’t done this yet. Might be a Christmas holiday chill time activity. I will try and do a few Lessons out of LPTHW.