Back at Coding Again

I’ve tried doing Learn Ruby the Hard Way 3 different times for the last 6 years.
Previously I got to lesson 25, then stopped, then started it over again.
I’ve done that 3 different times.

I honestly hate coding.
I’m just doing it to make a lot of money to impress the Russian models.

But anyway, I paid the $30 for the course.
How do I sign back into if I don’t remember the sign up info?



Welcome back,
As far back as I can remember the sign in has been your e-mail, try that and it should have a way to confirm through the email your login. If not, I’m sure Zed will be around to help sometime soon.

In the meantime, you can try the help e-mail:

Honestly, if you hate coding then you kind of only have two choices:

  1. Find out what it is about coding that makes you hate it and find a way to accept it or work around it.
  2. Go do something else with your life, because honestly programming may be lucrative but it’s a terrible job full of abusive small minded people.

So, why don’t you tell me what you hate about programming, and possibly why you stop at Ex 25, and why did you pick Ruby, and then I can toss you some advice for attempting #1.