Best Way to Learn How to Code

Hello All, I am 2019 pass out from computer science and I have basic knowledge of coding but I am confused to choose the write programming language which pays high in future and Also I want to know how I code as a beginner level, Can anyone suggest me some best way to make code?

I have found this reference which is helpfull for beginners, check this post.

I’d suggest; pick a high level language, learn it thoroughly. It will take some time. Also read lots of CG ode from others. It’s a good way to pick up tips on how to do things well.

My python learning path is this if it helps;

Django / Flask - web development (html/css/js/db)

SciKit Learn /Tensorflow - ML (neural networks, deep learning, support vector machines, random forests) - (Stanford or Caltech ML course)

Matplotlib / seaborn - Data Analysis and Visualisation (basics of statistics)

Scripting (automation of simple tasks to save time)

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