Cannot find a way to use getch() in Pydroid 3

I have been studying Python for a few months and am attempting to enroll a few middle school and high school students into an introductory course on coding in general and Python in particular. Our problem is that the Dallas Independent School System will not permit the installation of necessary programs to provide a python platform on available school-controlled PCs. To get around this, I have purchased six old Dell laptops for $30 apiece and have installed the necessary software, including Python and Atom.

I am currently investigating the prospect of also using Pydroid 3 for this course because some of the students (and I) have Android phones, but I have bumped into a problem. I cannot find a way to install msvcrt so I can use getch() within Pydroid. Can someone help me in this regard? Obviously, my Python proficiency is extremely limited.


Hmmm, do you have some links to instructions for doing Pydroid install? I have a few android devices I can try it out on.

Another idea: might work if you have a browser. I think they give you a VS code setup and let you run python, but you might have to run it yourself.

Another option:

That has an hdmi out, so you could buy a bunch of those for real cheap, and connect the keyboard and monitor from the school computers to it. It’d be fast enough to learn to code.

Another option:

That company sells tons of python related tiny computers. You might be able to buy the parts necessary to create a tiny computer that you can plug a keyboard and monitor into.

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Couldn’t you just use Anaconda as its well suited for training and distributed work?

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Cool stuff. Like the Adafruit product approach.

Pydroid 3 is a free app that you can obtain through the android app store. But you have got me thinking that maybe I could install python 3 and Atom onto usb drives and be able to run python self-contained on the school computers. Does that sound remotely feasible?I have a dozen 8GB USB thumb drives that may allow each student to have a Python platform in his pocket. Do you have any ideas to guide me in that direction? A real keyboard and monitor is a significant teaching advantage over a smartphone. Furthermore, many of the kids have iPhones, which makes it harder for me to manage with multiple learning paths.

This is a good approach as you get the other Ubuntu freebies as well as Python.

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That Ubuntu USB Stick is an awesome idea. Will test it out as well.