Cannot paste code into my thread

I am having an issue with my ex43.rb and I am trying to get help with my problem on this forum but it will not allow me to post. I wrote up my situation and then pasted my code. When I clicked “Create Topic”, I got an error message saying “Sorry, new users can only mention 2 users in a post”. Huh?! I never even tried to mention one user.

So, my question is this, how can I get help and show my code when I get that error?

Thanks - Bob


Try using the (code) and (/code) tag around it. You’ll need to replace parentheses with square brackets!

You must have called a reference to someone with @ somewhere in your reply

Yes, I believe your code probably has @ symbols in it, so the forum thinks that you’re trying to mention other people.

If you do this:

# past code here

Then it will work.

Thank you both for responding so quickly. However, the good news is that while I was waiting for a response to this thread, I actually figured out my problem. But now I know in the future how to handle this issue.

Thanks! - Bob

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