Command Line Interface

I would like to learn command line interface (I am on Windows) but using PowerShell instead. What book of the learn code the heard way collection suits my needs?

I have found a few tutorials teaching PowerShell for beginners but they are very confusing. I am looking to dive into command line rather…

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This is my usual first start I give people:

It’s not comprehensive but it’ll get you far enough to be dangerous.

What about curl a t the chance I am brand newbie and can choose my way from nothing?
But, rather than that I wish to hear the comments of you on it.

If you want to use curl you’ll have to install it on your computer. Depending on your version of windows you can either do that with the Windows System for Linux (WSL) or use Cygwin:

After that you’ll want to go through the Unix/Linux version of the appendix A to learn the command line. With all that done you can then start playing with curl. Try this:


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