Command Line Prompt Question

In Exercise 14 of the Command Line Crash Course, what does rm something/newplace do there? The first time that I tried it I got no error, but the second time that I tried it after I placed the directories back in, I got an error.

2nd image:

So first up, there’s some identifying information in these screenshots so when we’re done helping you can you delete this thread? Or, I can do it when you say you go it.

Take a look at your commands. You do this:

rm something/awesome.txt

That deletes the file.

Then you do it again. Well, that file awesome.txt is not there. To confirm that, do this:

ls something/

Every SINGLE time you get a “file not found” error you MUST type ls. ls ls ls ls ls ls ls. This is the number 1, 2, 3, and 100th reason beginners have a problem with the command line. I type ls obsessively while I work.