Community project? opinions? :d

I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf but what do you guys think about a community project? Obviously we’re all beginners, but I believe this would be a great way to reinforce and even more build up our craft.

What sort of project did you have in mind?


Sounds good to me! You guys may be further ahead of me, but I think things like this would build my understanding even more. Let me know!

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So here’s my suggestion if you’re interested in starting a project with other people:

  1. It’s harder for a bunch of people to start an idea.
  2. The best way to start something is for one person to do a quick hack implementation of an idea then post it and see if other people want to help.
  3. Pick something small and write up a good README file to explain what you want to attempt to do.
  4. When people come to help, tell them if they do a pull request you’ll give them access to just work on the project.
  5. Always check everyone’s commits and fix anything they put in.
  6. In the beginning it’s best to throw things out and rewrite them if they’re wrong. The worst is to keep all code and never delete. I think healthy projects delete about as much code as they write, but don’t hold that as a hard rule.

That’s the quickest way to get working on something with other people.


Let’s follow Zed’s sugestions. He knows what it take to start a project with other poeple. Luke can you start the project from the beginning?

I don’t know, What if, we start a project that enters a building and create codes that give directions how to exit the building. Directions could include things like 1) going up stairs . 2) making right or left turns to make it to the end of the room. 3) Down the stairs to exit the building.

This is just an idea, and maybe we can write up a README file from a project like this. To enter and exit with the right directions like a map with clues? This may be too much, but it’s something to start with.

Thank you

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If someone starts this that would be cool. I need something to work on and try cause i’m currently unsure what to program and i don’t want to forget everything I’ve learned. .

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Do you have discord and github by chance??

I have both. (I am very much still a beginner)

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If you all can’t find something you want to hack on, then you can get started first with this little project I just started:

Some of the ideas might be too advanced, but if you research things like getting the file and line number, you can try to make some of these work. I’ll then review your pull requests and merge them if they work.

This project should also be something you actually need, since debugging python is difficult.


I will use gethub. I am still new to programming so I will follow along, and input where I can. I’ve completed the Python 3 exam so I’m just starting Java Script with my class, anything I learn can help me understand more of what’s going on.

Thank You