Completed up to ex6 - not seeing the videos though

Completed up to ex6 - not seeing the videos though, did I miss them??


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I actually just pushed up to 12 right when you wrote this, so you have more to chew on. Rough drafts to the copyeditor Chris will be fixing up things tomorrow-ish.

The videos are in the customer area, just go there and look for the word “Videos”. They’re right there. I have Ex0 for Windows, Linux, and OSX up, and a beginner (I mean SUPER beginner) Exercise 1 video. Content is recorded for ex 2-6 and I’ll be editing them and getting them up next week along with the remaining up to 12.

When you run into questions as you do the exercises, drop them here so I can help and then update the exercises.

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Ah I see the Ex0 video - ok thanks. Not seeing 7-12 though. When I click this link: I see

Am I in the right place?

You are but you have to hit refresh on your browser. Here’s what I see:

If you still don’t see it then check back tomorrow. I’ll probably need to force my syncing gear to do it manually.


Same issue here. I am stuck to ex 06 maximum.
By the way, it seems the previous and next buttons are not working properly as they just reload the current page.

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Just pushed up through Ex11, so there’s a new file to download.

I’ll get the buttons working this weekend I think. Those tend to rely on me having a solid outline which hadn’t happened until last week so I can do that now.

And I should be pushing exercises up to 18 next, probably within a few days for the written exercises and then the recorded ones shortly after that.

I can’t see all the videos you’ve released yet either. I only can see 8-011, 5-07,and 2-04.

Hey @nonalta, they are there in the .zip files. So see That means it has exercises 02 through 04.

Now, I’m about to release a totally new video searching and viewing system, probably tomorrow. You’ll be able to just watch them online and download each video as you need, and to search for videos you need. Until then just download the .zip and watch the videos inside.