Conway's Game of Life implementation

Dear all,

I’ve been going through LCTHW and am now around 3/4 in. In the midst of algorithm implementations I felt the need to do a short fun project where I could apply general C skills I had picked up so far. And so I chose to implement Conway’s Game of Life in C. Both to get a feeling for starting a project from scratch and applying, on my own, the neat little things I have picked up during the course.

My current implementation is here and I would love to get some feedback on it. In particular on readability, design/structure and documentation.

If you guys have written some side projects I would love to skim through your code to learn more.

Hey, nice job. Always a good little fun project to play with when learning a language. Only thing I see is this:

worldstr[2*width+1] = '\0';

Now, I’ve been coding anything but C for the last few years so I may be way wrong on this, but I believe you are doing a 2d access to worldstr[] when you can just use double subscript:

worldstr[2][width+1] = '\0';

But, don’t quote me on that. The main advantage of doing this is, apart from readability, it’ll help you get the math correct and the compiler do some checks.