Cool! One thing I found that I liked about Gitter though


I like that you have your own forum, based on your website! This has better organization, though I will say that one thing I liked about the Gitter forum was that you could just scroll down through conversations and maybe learn something interesting that you otherwise wouldn’t have clicked to read about? Maybe, maybe not. So perhaps you could have an ongoing feed off to one side that just scrolls all the conversations that have gone on recently? Just a thought. Otherwise, this is great! Also, I appreciate your learning system. I’ve tried a few others and there’s always been something that I run into that creates a problem, or I run into problems over and over again and I feel like I’m spending more time working out their bugs rather than actually learning anything.

Certainly with this new forum, I’ll feel more confident about going to search for answers to my question that may have been asked previously, rather than just asking it again straight off.


I actually don’t know how to merge all these together, although I’m considering it. I’ll keep both going until I get annoyed by one of them. :wink: