Dbg.h - licence?

Hi everyone,
@zedshaw, just wondering, do you have any restrictions around us using dbg.h? Same goes for minunit.h. I am working on some projects on Github at the moment, so that employers can see what code I have been writing. My code needs to have unit tests, and it needs to do basic stuff like checking for bad input. These header files are exactly the kind of code that I need for these purposes, which is why you included them in your book.
I certainly don’t intend to claim credit for that code, I would include an acknowledgement, and I don’t intend to make money of these projects, so I’m not aware of any specific legal issues. I’m just wondering if you are happy for others to use this code in a public and open source way, or would you prefer that I implement the same functionality myself? Obviously that might be a good exercise, but all I would really be doing is changing variable names, as I can’t improve on that code and I wouldn’t want to write something worse instead.
If you have a licence for this that should be included, I would be happy to do that, just let me know what you would prefer.
Thanks for the awesome macros!

I believe it’s MIT but I also want everyone to use that code to make their C code safer so don’t worry about it.

Great! Thanks for clearing that up.