Difference between Print() and Print(f" ")?


I am struggling to understand the different between these two print functions?

Is print() used for strings and print(f" ") used for strings with variables to be printed?

Thank you.

Well, that’s actually 2 things, which is probably why it’s confusing. So, you have the print function. It is just print() and then there’s things inside the parenthesis. That is separate from “”, f"", 3, 100, 56.7, or anything else you put in the parenthesis. Try this:

print(1, 3, 4)

So, the f"" is a string for printing variables, and the “” is for just printing regular text. Try some combinations of this to see that you get it.

just found this after another reply I posted in another thread. I have now learned to peek before I poke. Apologies for wasting anyone’s time!