Ex 29 Make file

I guess I am really missing something I can’t understand what to change in the make file to get this to build properly isn’t it just:


If I change to;


I get these recipe errors

Makefile:26: warning: overriding recipe for target 'build/libex29.so'
Makefile:22: warning: ignoring old recipe for target 'build/libex29.so'
make: Circular build/libex29.so <- build/libex29.so dependency dropped.

Maybe I am just missing something …

That looks like you are making libex29.so depend on libex29.so. That’s what the circular reference error means. Go search in the Makefile for libex29.so and see if you mention it in multiple places.

Also, you almost got the [code][/code] thing right. An alternative is to use triple-back-quotes:

Your C code here.

I looked … I literally changed 1 line which is below … I know this makefile is supposed to make things easier … but the setup is killing me. :slight_smile: I will read up a bit more on the make to see if I can figure it out while everyone sleeps.