Ex 45 game finally finished

I’d love some feedback on the game

First time uploading to Github so I think it’s done. Text adventure game, a bit goofy but isn’t that the point?


Nice. About the only thing I see is it looks like your text editor is set to use the actual TAB in the file when you hit the tab key. You should reconfigure it to write 4 spaces into the file when you hit the tab key. Otherwise it’ll cause you trouble later when you try to give the files to someone else, or when another editor decides to “optimize” your tabs and converts them to mixed tabs and spaces.

Thank you. I’m using Sublime Text and have found that setting to swap over. Onwards to exercise 47.

Hey buddy, how do you make these house, symbolic face, and all that pictures …

Search for “emoji input” and the kind of computer you have. Most systems now have a way to input the emoji you want, although it’s a little clunky.