EX 46-unable to proceed


Good evening Everyone!!
I have a doubt and i.e
when i tried running this command
virtualenv --system-site-packages .venvs/python
it throws the error shown above in the image.
Help!!@zedshaw @florian and anyone who comes across this thread or has faced the same problem at some point.


Are you trying to create a virtual enviornment with

virtualenv --system-site-packages .venvs/python


I Use:

python3 -m venv venv

most of the times.
The second “venv” is the name you want it to have.
It doesn’t have to be “venv”

I dont know why you got that error.
But I hope this was useful for you so you can go on with ex46.

Thankyou! @ulfen69
actually i had ignored the warning shown in the figure attached above.(i hope it is clear)
later on i added this path and tried creating virtualenv ,
even then it didn’t worked .
then i opened command prompt and did the same and then it worked .
(earlier i was using powershell.)
thankyou again! for a prompt reply @ulfen69

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