Ex0 windows setup

So I read ex0 in the book. It told me to watch the included videos on how to setup windows with the compiler. I can’t find the Ex0 video. I tried installing Cygwin myself but I don’t know which packages I should install. Can someone tell me which packages I should install? And why can’t I find the ex0 video?

Can’t answer your questions directly, but do try using Ubuntu with the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) instead of Cygwin. That should be a much better option these days. (The book is kinda old.)

Thanks. I think I’ll run a Ubuntu vm on my machine for learning C. Or I’ll try running WSL. So any idea about the ex0 video?

Yes a VM works too of course. WSL might be easier though if all you want is compile C programs. I think you can even connect Visual Studio Code to a WSL instance, that should give you a relatively smooth coding setup. VMs are always kinda laggy because of all the virtualisation overhead.

No idea about the video. Shoot Zed an email?

Well all I needed was the tools to compile the exercises. So I was thinking on using Cygwin. If I compile a program in WSL. Will it run on windows? That’s my only concern.

Not on Windows itself, but it will run in the WSL. WSL is much like a VM, except that it doesn’t emulate a complete system but runs “within” Windows.

I wanted it to run natively so that’s not possible with WSL. I think that’s something I shouldn’t care about while learning. Thanks for helping!

You can install ubuntu on wsl2 which is super easy here is the steps:

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