Ex20 and ex 23, how to pass the attributes of argv?

ex20 and ex 23, how to pass the attributes of argv???

for ex20, we have :
script, input_file=argv and corresponding current_file=open(input_file).

but in ex30, I’m confused. can anybody explain?

I presume it is ex23 causing the problem and not ex30.

did you understand ex20 or both ex20 and ex23 are causing you a problem, clarify what your not understanding, maybe you’ve solved this by now.

ok,problem solved.
thank you!

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Hi, glad you figured it out. Next time you post a question, can you please include any error messages you get. You can post a screenshot of your error, and also post code. To post code you use three-backticks () to surround the code. When you do that it'll treat the text as code, and then you do three-backticks () again to end your code. If the code is large then use something like https://gist.github.com/ to post it.