Ex20 pydoc file.seek

When I use pydoc.seek at cmd prompt, the following error appears
‘Pydoc’ is not recognized as internal or external command…

Then I used python -m pydoc file
The message I get is below
“No python documentation found for ‘file’

Please help. Thanks

What are you trying to do? Pydoc is a little program that displays documentation (if any exists) for a module/file.

You cannot call the python seek function on it as it’s a programme.

When you run that program using python and the module indicator (- m) it runs but cannot find any actual ‘documentation’.

Try adding some text in between three quotes on the top line of ‘file’ and see if that prints out as documentation. Eg:

“”” some text in between these “””
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Actually, this is a simple fix:

Don’t use pydoc. Search on google with:


Or go directly to:


Or, run the command like this:

python -m pydoc THETHINGTOKNOW


Thanks Zed, really appreciate your response

Thanks a lot, really appreciate your response


Looks like you can read pydoc in pydoc :upside_down_face:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ python -m pydoc pydoc