Ex26 I have some problem with line 65

Here is the error I get :
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ex26.py”, line 65, in
formula = secret_formula(startpoint)
NameError: name ‘startpoint’ is not defined

and here is my code :

print("How old are you?", end=' ')
age = input()
print("How tall are you?", end=' ')
height = input()
print("How much do you weigh?", end=' ')
weight = input()

print(f"So, you're {age} old, {height} tall and {weight} heavy.")

from sys import argv
script, filename = argv
txt = open(filename)

print(f"Here's your file {filename}:")

print("Type the filename again:")
file_again = input("> ")

txt_again = open(file_again)


print('Let\'s practice everything.')
print('''You\'d need to know \'bout escapes
      with \\ that do \n newlines and \t tabs.''')

poem = """
\tThe lovely world
with logic so firmly planted
cannot discern \n the needs of love
nor comprehend passion from intuition
and requires an explanation
\n\t\twhere there is none.


five = 10 - 2 + 3 - 6
print(f"This should be five: {five}")

def secret_formula(started):
    jelly_beans = started * 500
    jars = jelly_beans / 1000
    crates = jars - 100
    return jelly_beans, jars, crates

start_point = 10000
beans, jars, crates = secret_formula(start_point)

# remember that this is another way to format a string
print("With a starting point of: {}".format(start_point))
# it's just like with an f"" string
print(f"We'd have {beans} beans, {jars} jars, and {crates} crates.")

start_point = start_point / 10

print("We can also do that this way:")
formula = secret_formula(startpoint)
# this is an easy way to apply a list to a format string
print("We'd have {} beans, {} jars, and {} crates.".format(*formula))

people = 20
cats = 30
dogs = 15

if people < cats:
    print("Too many cats! The world is doomed!")

if people < cats:
    print("Not many cats! The world is saved!")

if people < dogs:
    print("The world is drooled on!")

if people > dogs:
    print("The world is dry!")

dogs += 5

if people >= dogs:
    print("People are greater than or equal to dogs.")

if people <= dogs:
    print("People are less than or equal to dogs.")

if people == dogs:
    print("People are dogs.")

I will appreciate for any help :slight_smile:

You can figure this out on your own. The error message says that startpoint is not defined. You think it is, but alas, the computer is always right. So go find where it’s defined and compare closely. :wink:


Thanks, I’ll look at it again :wink:

I make it run :upside_down_face: I just needed a small break and look at it again :slight_smile:

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Great! Sometimes that’s all you need.

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