Ex26.py - url 404 Not found



When I type in the url: https://learnpythonthehardway.org/python3/exercise26.txt.

I keep getting a 404.

Can someone please redirect me to the right link.



Link is correct, I just tried. Perhaps the service was temporarily down.

And welcome!!


Yep, me too. I can click that and it works just fine. Check your firewall settings, anti-virus, and also don’t just click on it. Right click and save as.


Hi Zed and Kesley,

Thank you for your help. It works. :smiley:

Also, quick question.

In the last section. If statements. Were we supposed to add and else statement? Or was it not needed? Just fix whatever you see needs fixing.



Ok but I have two questions before you move on:

  1. Why did it not work and how did you fix it?
  2. If you could fix it, then why didn’t you attempt a fix first?

Let us know so that people who read this in the future can find the solution.


To be honest, I have absolutely zero clue how it fixed itself.

It wasn’t my firewall nor my anti-virus. It magically fixed itself. (See image of the 404)


Ahha! Mystery solved. Note the trailing full stop/period after the “.txt” in the url…

One of my go-to checks when I hit errors, usually syntax errors, is to check colons, semi-colons, commas, and full stops. So easy to mistype and not immediately spot.


In the book the ending was exercise26.txt.

I guess I took it literally instead of it just being a period ending a sentence.

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