Ex3 print and comma not working right

So here is a snippet of my code:
print(“Hens” , 25.0 + 30.0 / 6.0)

When you print this it returns:
(‘Hens’, 30)

I upgraded my python 3 library on Ubuntu hoping that it would fix the problem. This code worked before but I had since stopped talking the lessons and am redoing them to rekindle the python flames.

Why is it showing the parenthesis’s? What am I doing wrong?

Oh I fixed it instead of running python (which apparently is python 2.0) Run python3.6 ex3.py works good now!

I will leave this here though as it could be a common mistake

Great @jwcunni13 for fixing it by yourself and thanks for letting us know. Happy coding.

Bingos. When you’re on a Linux variant they will usually be dependent on Python 2 being called “python” because there’s system tools written in Python 2. That’s why when you install python3.x you have to call it wither python3 or python3.6 (3.7, 3.8, etc.).