Ex46 uninstaling using pip

hey there,
i am using python 2.7 on ubuntu. the book am using is LearnPythonTheHardWay 3 edition (looks like a class name) .thanks Mr.Shaw for the book .

The Problem is in here:
when trying to uninstall my program it shows that is not possible using pip nor using the apt remove commands.
please check out the screeScreenshot from 2020-08-23 16-11-00 n shot and let me know about any solutions for this.

Is cpuspeed.py a package or a file?

That’s super weird. I think @gpkesley might be onto something since cpuspeed is already a thing on most computers. Try finding your files with the find command and remove them manually, then create a virtual environment and do this again. This is why we use a venv in python.

it is a file , in the exercise we use the project skeleton to make a project/skeleton and inside skeleton we have some folders and files the one the instalation file is calld steup.py , and there is a folder called bin where i located my runable(has a hash bang at first line #! …/…) script called cpuspeed.py .

when i install the project using the setup file and check for what changes has happend to the usr\bin it shows a the file cpuspeed.py installed

actually the same thing in the virtual environment .
and after i navigate to the folder the file is installed in ( the bin usually ) and remove it , it will still show when i check pip list , but it is not directly executable by just typing the file name (cpuspeed.py).


(note : am not well in understanding the linux or any other os tree of making folders and putting other folders in them , i just started understanding that form your book espisialy the CLI crash course. just to know )

Not sure I can help. I would just navigate to the outer project folder nuke the lot of you are trying to remove it anyway.

(Then I would install python 3 :smiley: )

ok then( if god willing) i will just go ahead to the next exercise , and when i finish the book of python 2 i’ll move to python 3.

This is a totally bizarre error. Alright, you should rename this project. cpuspeed is clearly something used by the computer you’re using, and I’m guessing since this is ubuntu or Debian they have some apt .deb package that just happens to have a cpuspeed.py file and that’s stopping you.

Rename your project and it should work as expected.

I think we meet the similar problem, though there are some difference. I raised a new topic and I hope it will help.

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