Ex47 - ModuleNotFoundError

Hi all,

basically I have tried everything and I am still getting this error. I set PYTHONPATH, I made sure the init files have the dunder, I made sure to run on Powershell (I normally use Atom, no luck there either). I looked up and down on stack, I got nothing.

Here is my structure:

— bin
— docs
— ex47_main
------ __init__py
------ game.py
— tests
------ init.py
------ ex47_tests.py
— setup.py

And here is my code:

from ex47_main.game import Room
import unittest

class testFunc(unittest.TestCase):
def test_room(self):
gold = Room(“GoldRoom”, “”“This room has gold in it you can grab. There’s a
door to the north”"")
self.assertEqual(gold.name, “GoldRoom”)
self.assertEqual(gold.paths, {})

def test_room_paths(self):
    center = Room("Center", "Test room in the center.")
    north = Room("North", "Test room in the north.")
    south = Room("South", "Test room in the south.")

    center.add_paths({'north':north, 'south':south})
    self.assertEqual(center.go('north'), north)
    self.assertEqual(center.go('south'), south)

def test_map(self):
    start = Room("Start", "You can go west and down a hole.")
    west = Room("Trees", "There are trees there, you can go east.")
    down = Room("Dungeon", "It's dark down here, you can go up.")

    start.add_paths({'west':west, 'down':down})

    self.assertEqual(start.go('west'), west)
    self.assertEqual(start.go('west').go('east'), start)
    self.assertEqual(start.go('down').go('up'), start)

if name == ‘main’:

If I use this code instead it works great.

import sys
sys.path.insert(1, ‘/Users/Panagiotis/Downloads/LPTHW/Projects/ex47/’)

from ex47_main.game import Room
import unittest

I am stumped…will someone please let me know what am I doing wrong?

hi i had the same problem the fix i got was to
move the game.py in ex47(not main)
hope this helps :grinning:

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