Ex47 nosetests problem

Hi, I am having trouble running nosetests in ex47 but I can’t figure out how to solve the problem. I went into the ex47 folder and double-checked all of my code and files. When I run nosetests, this error showed up:
TypeError: go() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given
Here is the test code and the game code:

Game code:
class Room(object):


    def __init__(self, name, description):

        self.name = name

        self.description = description

        self.paths = {}

    def go(self):

        return self.paths.get(direction, None)

    def add_paths(self, paths):


Test code:
from nose.tools import *

from ex47.game import Room

def test_room():

    gold = Room("GoldRoom",

                """This room has gold in it you can grab. There's a

                door to the north.""")

    assert_equal(gold.name, "GoldRoom")

    assert_equal(gold.paths, {})

def test_room_paths():

    center = Room("Center", "Test room in the center.")

    north = Room("North", "Test room in the north.")

    south = Room("South", "Test room in the south.")

    center.add_paths({'north': north, 'south': south})

    assert_equal(center.go('north'), north)  

    assert_equal(center.go('south'), south)


def test_map():

    start = Room("Start", "You can go west and down a hole.")

    west = Room("Trees", "There are trees here, you can go east.")

    down = Room("Dungeon", "It's dark down here, you can go up.")

    start.add_paths({'west': west, 'down': down})

    west.add_paths({'east': start})

    down.add_paths({'up': start})

    assert_equal(start.go('west'), west)

    assert_equal(start.go('west').go('east'), start)

    assert_equal(start.go('down').go('up'), start)

That means you called go without one of the parameters it means. Take a look at your definition of go:

    def go(self):

        return self.paths.get(direction, None)

Now look at how you call it:

assert_equal(start.go('west').go('east'), start)

Study those lines and see if you can figure out the problem.

Also, when you post code put this around it:

# your code here

Or like this:

# code here

I did that for you this time, but if you do that in the future it’s easier to read your code and help.

Thanks for the help! I have fixed it now.

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